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Comprehensive Compressed Air Solutions

What We Can Do For You

Allow us to simplify compressed air for your business. We specialize in everything to do with compressed air for commercial and industrial applications. We install, audit, service & maintain industrial air compressors and compressed air systems in Ottawa, Gatineau & Surrounding Area.

  • System Install & Upgrade

    We are experienced in the installation of efficient, performance-driven and dependable compressed air systems.

  • Service & Maintenance

    We are Factory-Trained, Certified and Fully-Equipped to Install, Maintain & Service your Compressed Air System.

  • Air Audits

    Reduce Energy Costs by Analyzing & Evaluating Your Air System to Promote System Efficiency & Performance.

  • Equipment & Parts Store

    Get OEM parts for Devilbiss, Devair and DV Systems Air Compressors and Compressed Air Systems.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    Our preventative maintenance plans include inspection, oil analysis, oil & filter changes and corrective adjustments.

  • Remote Management

    Monitor your air system remotely with a web-enabled browser to ensure system efficiency & reliable operation.

  • Comprehensive Analysis

    Air Audits

    We provide comprehensive compressed air audits for all types of compressed air systems - simple to complex.

    We setup once, monitor remotely for a period of time, then provide you with a detailed report and recommendation.

    A professional air audit is the only way to accurately assess and improve the efficiency and reliability of your air system.


    • Data Logging

      We use wireless data loggers to measure current, volts, pressure, flow & temperature.

    • Leak Detection

      Leaks are one of the most common problems in air systems.

    • Over-Pressurization

      Excessive pressure in an air system increases leaks and increases costs unnecessarily.

    • Air Pipe Design

      Air pipe design is fundamental to an efficient air system - Do you have a looped system?

  • SaveOnEnergy

    Ontario Rebate Programs

    Receive cash reimbursements for your air compressor or compressed air system upgrade through Ontario's SaveOnEnergy program.

    We take care of it all. We're experienced at optimizing your air system and maximizing your return to lower your total costs.

    Contact Us and we'll be happy to explain the program & see if you're eligible.


    • Cash Reimbursements

      Receive up to 50% of project costs for upgrading your air compressor or system.

    • Prescriptive Incentives

      Cash reimbursements for VSD air compressor upgrades and auto drains.

    • Engineered & Custom Incentives

      Reimbursements are available for compressed air system upgrades based on kWh savings

    • SaveOnEnergy Program

      Learn more about the Ontario government's SaveOnEnergy Program by visiting their website here.

  • Complete Installations

    Air Pipe Systems

    The type and design of air piping in an air system is as critical in ensuring its efficiency and reliability as is choosing the right type of air compressor.

    We install aluminum, quick-connect air pipe systems for our compressed air system installations. Installs are fast, easy to modify in the future, and last - with zero corrosion, keeping your air clean.


    • Quick Installation

      Push-to-Connect assembly shortens installation time.

    • Flexible Systems

      Modular design allows for easy modifications in the future.

    • 100% Recycable

      Made of aluminum, stainless steel, and no silicone. CRN Approved.

    • Clean, No Corrosion

      Aluminum and stainless steel materials prevent corrosion in compressed air system.

Complete Compressed air solutions


We are an official DV Systems sales and service centre. DV Systems has been engineering and manufacturing industrial air compressors in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, since 1954. DV Systems provides reliable, innovative products and compressed air system solutions, strengthened by a commitment to exceptional customer service.

  • rotary screw air compressors

    Rotary Screw Air Compressors

    Our rotary screw air compressors range from 5 to 200 HP delivering compressed air reliably and efficiency to a wide range of automotive and industrial applications.

  • reciprocating air compressors

    Reciprocating Air Compressors

    Our pressure-lubricated heavy-duty industrial series ranges from 5 to 30 HP and is ideal for demanding industrial environments.

  • air treatment

    Air Treatement

    Dry, Cool, Clean Air is Critical in Many Applications, as well as Essential in Ensuring an Air System’s Reliability & Efficiency.

  • air management

    Air Management Systems

    Simplify your operations by automating your air compressors and monitoring and managing your compressed air system remotely.

  • air pipe systems

    Air Pipe Systems

    Fast, flexible and easy to modify aluminum, quick-connect air pipe systems for compressed air applications.

  • accessories


    Zero-Loss Auto Drains, Electronic and Pneumatic Auto Drains, Remote-Start Air Compressor Kits, Maintenance Kits and more.

  • 5 Horsepower

    Apache A5

    Quiet, compact & bullet-proof. Our new rotary screw air compressor is ideal for automotive repair & auto body shops. Work comfortably 24/7.

    View Video to Learn More 12 Minutes
  • Apache A5
  • Huron B10 AirSystem
  • More air with 1-phase

    Huron B10 AirSystem

    Revolutionary 10 HP, single-phase variable-speed drive rotary screw air compressor with a maximum 55 amp draw enables installation in locations previously uneconomical or impossible.

    View Video to Learn More 17 Minutes
  • Variable Speed Direct Drive

    Haida N200

    Our 200 HP variable speed, direct drive rotary screw air compressor efficiently and reliably delivers 924 SCFM of compressed air at 100 PSI.

    View Video to Learn More 18 Minutes
  • Haida N200

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